Complete Content FlexibilityIntegrate offers from preferred partners to a wealth of preloaded content.
No IT Investment RequiredEasy-to-use enterprise solution with no servers or technicians required at all.
Enhance Your Existing Members ProgramEnhance offers to your members by empowering customers to redeem rewards for wide ranging travel options.
Fundamentally, and most damagingly, consumers increasingly find that they don’t have what they really want:all travel options at their disposal in one place.
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X Airlines Airline profit margins are razor thin, less than 3% overall - PwC Boost your margins and improve customer satisfaction by enabling your travelers to book ancillaries along with their flights in a single transaction. Improve customer loyalty by enabling them to pay for car rentals, airfare, hotels, and more with cash and points. Full Details
X Hospitality 65.4% - Hotel bookings made directly on the provider website – Statistic Brain Lodging is only one component of the travel experience. Customers don’t just come to you for a room, they need a hotel as part of the travel experience. Simplify the booking process and boost your revenue by bundling ancillaries such as car rentals, flights, airport transfers and more into a single transaction. Full Details
X Car Rental Add another revenue stream by offering valuable ancillaries alongside your merchandising options (car class, additional drivers, insurance, etc.). Boost customer loyalty by enabling them to use their points at trusted travel partners. Full Details
X Brand Loyalty 56% of U.S. consumers said the number of brands they consider for a given product or service has increased significantly over the past 10 years (Accenture). Are you providing the right incentives to keep customers loyal to your company? Full Details
X Loyalty Coalition The average satisfaction score among those in a retail reward program was 4/5, compared to only 3/5 in the finance sector (Collinson Latitude). Adding travel options to your rewards program is a simple yet effective way to help your network stand out from the competition. Full Details
X Cruise Lines ...many people don’t realize that Millennials are really driving the cruise industry now because they like the pricing of it. They think there’s a lot of value. They like the all-inclusive pricing, and they wake up in a new destination every single day. - PIKE, J. (2015). THE MILLENNIAL MINDSET. (cover story). Travel Agent, 347(1), 12-17. Boost revenue by enabling your customers to bundle airport transfers, flights, and entertainment options in a single transaction while purchasing their cruise tickets. Full Details
X Travel Agencies Travel agents are back in business because the relationships they build in the industry give agents a depth of knowledge. This in turn, gives their customers the upper hand. - BOTHA, J. (2015). The comeback kid: Why the travel agent is back in business. Finweek, 28-30. Help your agents stay relevant in the age of online travel agencies (OTAs) by enabling them to manage all booking logistics from a central hub. They can now enter information once and process bookings and changes with a few clicks. Full Details
X Tour Operators TechTuners enables wholesalers of all sizes to leverage established enterprise travel booking technology with minimal investment on their end. Travel consolidators can mix and match online content and inventory from GDS providers, wholesalers, channel managers, or your own existing systems. Full Details
A New Way for Travel Companies to Do Business Travelers aren’t planning trips like they did in the past. Simply offering travel services isn’t enough to stand out in the marketplace. Lodging, entertainment, airfare, and car rentals are just part of the travel experience. Tight margins mean travel service providers only make so much off their own inventory. TechTuners helps you boost your margins and customer satisfaction by enabling customers to mix and match offerings to create their own travel experience. Our seamless transaction processing means your travelers can enter their information once and be on their way. Our Solution
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